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Short Stories Reviews

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Adverbs by Daniel Handler

Adverbs is about different types of love: love between lovers, friends or strangers, love that transcends age and the barrier between life and death. Like his books under his pseudonym Lemony Snickett, Handler's book is full of seeming non-sequiturs and bizarre humorous experiences. But in a way each story, no matter how odd, captures a way love can be. I liked it a lot, mostly for the cast. Adverbs is a book fo short stories, but the names and some circumstances repeat, thus giving the book a cohesive yet surreal feel. Reviewed by: Kelly K.

Written by the author of A Series of Unfortnate Events, this is a group of short stories (or a fragmented novel) about all different types of love. Each chapter is named after an adverb that is the type of love it describes. The stories weave in and out of one another, which is the best part - character names and motifs reappear but you are never sure whether it's coincidental or the same characters and objects. Reviewed by A.M.



The House of Memory: Stories By Jewish Women Writers of Latin America Marjorie Agosin

A mixed collection with some stand-out short stories. Interesting view of the Jewish Diaspora - those who went to the 'wrong' America.

Parellel lives that diverged from American Jews in the pressure cooker of Catholic Latin America. Many similarities and some stark differences. Reviewed by L. Sandburg


A Woman's Asia by Faith Adele, Pamela Logan, Lynn Ferrin, Jan Morris, Alison Wright, and many more

This is a collection of 35 different stories written by North American women about their travels in Asia. The authors range in age from 17 to 83, and the areas visited include China, Vietnam, India, Laos, Burma, Japan, Nepal, Hong Kong, Thailand, Tibet, Taiwan, Mongolia, Malaysia, Turkey, Korea, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, Bali and Bhutan. It is no surprise then that the stories are varied, covering tales of adventure, episodes of self-discovery, intellectual and spiritual explorations, and in one case, even romance. This reviewer read it on her way to Japan and Thailand and found her enthusiasm and sense of adventure heightened by many of the stories. One gains the sense that travel is not just an opportunity to see and connect with other cultures, but also to revive oneself and that it may even serve as a catalyst for change. These stories would be of most interest to those who have already taken,or are contemplating a trip to Asia. Reviewed by C. Prevost

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