A Rose for the Crown by Anne Easter Smith

The author made up a persona for King Richard III's unknown mistress, and this book is a romance based upon that relationship. Entertaining with some history/politics thrown in, it's a quick read for such a long book. Not one of my favorite books ever, but better than many I've read lately.

Reviewed by: H.M.G.

Princeton Public Library does not own this book. If you would like us to order it or get it on Interlibrary Loan, please contact us.


Two of a Kind by Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts is a master at romance and this book contains two off her timeless novella length romances:"Impulse" and "The Best Mistake". They are both capitavating and fast-paced and, for some reason, these two classic stories are all the better when read together. The book itself is compact in size, light to hold -- perfect for travel or reading on the go. Reviewed by: B.H.