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A Rare Murder in Princeton by Ann Waldron

Ann Waldron's Princeton mysteries are fun, and this latest one is no exception. McLeod Dulaney is staying with her friend George in a "murder house" on this Princeton visit, as she continues her occasional teaching at the University. An understandably rare murder takes place in the Rare Book department of the Firestone Library, and of course McLeod investigates. By coincidence, she finds a suspicious treasure in an inauspicious box of costumes, and her room and office are burgled. McLeod's meals are described in detail, and references to familiar Princeton spots abound, from Wild Oats to Lahiere's. Interest sometimes flags as McLeod ponders information about each suspect, but the several mysteries are finally solved in a tidy and even surprising manner. Reviewed by: Francesca B.


Death of a Princeton President by Ann Waldron

Ms. Waldron is able to hold your interest and moticate you to try and figure out who the murderer(s) is(are). I enjoyed reading about the local areas in Princeton. Reviewed by: Anonymous


In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner

Even though many would consider this book to be purely "Chick Lit", I am choosing to put it under the Princeton category because (a) this category looks lonely with only 1 review so far (b)the author has Princeton connections since she is a grad of Princeton University and (c) several chapters are set in Princeton when one of the characters "runs away" and pretends to be a Princeton student. Jennifer Weiner writes great books that, while not serious literature, are engaging and will keep you turning the pages. Maggie and Rose are two sisters with not much in common and their path to reconciliation after a battle is both funny and heart-warming. This book has been made in to a movie (which is also quite entertaining). Reviewed by: SarahD

*Read more about Jennifer Weiner


The Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomas

This was a very enjoyable book, especially since it took place in Princeton and I could relate to the settings. Also, the characters are so realistic you felt as if you were there with them. I became just as fascinated with the search for the treasure as they did. Well done! Reviewed by: Anonymous

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