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Princeton Public Library

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A list of Frequently Asked Questions about this wiki and our Book Lovers Summer Reading Club.

The Booklovers Summer Reading Club ended on September 15th, 2006 with raffle drawings. This wiki is being left active as an archive -- our intention with this wiki was to create a "snapshot in time" of what our club members read during the summer.


We did not create a wiki for the 2007 version of the PPL Summer Reading Program, Read Around the World. We upgraded our catalog to include reviews. Thus reviews for summer reading are now being entered directly to our catalog. Hope you will join us!



Flushed: How the Plumber Saved Civilization by W. Hodding Carter

What can I possibly say? If ever there was a book that provided "too much information" W. Hodding Carter's fascinating book, Flushed: how the plumber saved civilization, fits that description! Everything you wanted (or in some cases) didn't want to know about the history of toilets and plumbing can be found in this book. After reading a few pages I was hooked on Carter's style, wit and insight to a topic that I never gave much thought to yet appreciate on a daily basis. And just think of the endless dinner conversation it will provide: from why do people shake hands with their right hand to explaining Roman latrines were set up for conversation. It's not a waste...read the book! Recommended. Reviewed by Dan Bauer.

Index to the Reviews:

5 Star Reviews (16)

AudioBooks (2)

Biography & Memoir (26)

Chic Lit (3)

Classics (4)

Contemporary Fiction (57)

Fantasy (3)

Horror (2)

Mystery  (14)

Non-Fiction  (53)

Poetry  (2)

Princeton  (2)

Romance  (2)

Science Fiction  (3)

Short Stories (3)

Staff Reviews  (12)

Westerns (1)


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The Booklovers Wiki Team would like to thank everyone who made this project a huge succes:


  • The generous merchants of Princeton would contributed many wonderful prizes for our reviewers.
  • The participants of the Booklovers reading club their interest, enthusiasm and contributions.
  • The authors who spoke at the library and made our Monday Mystery and Mayhem series such a resounding success.
  • The library administration for believing in the idea of using a wiki in this way and allowing us the opportunity to experiment and learn about new technologies with our community.
  • The library staff, dedicated volunteers and the brave summer reading club participants who took the time to learn about wikis and contributed reviews and other content to the wiki.

Thanks for a wonderful summer of reading fun,

Sue, Caroline, Bob and Janie







The Booklovers Summer Reading Club ended with a raffle drawing on September 15th, 2006.

See Page 13 of Connections (the library's newsletter) for more details.**



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