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Swithering by Robin Robertson

"Swithering" is a small, stunning book of poetry, full of rich but concise language and evocative images. Many of Robertson's poems reflect his Celtic heritage and its mysterious echoes in nature. I read one of the "Swithering" poems originally in the New Yorker, and I was startled by its beauty. (The poem, "A Seagull Murmur", is quoted in its entirety in John Banville's review of Robertson's poems in the July 13 edition of the New York Review of Books.) I've read and re-read the poems, and I've finally decided to ask for my own copy as a birthday present!

Reviewed by: Francesca B.


Crazy Man by Pamela Porter

Set in Saskatchewan in the mid-1960's, this youg adult novel perfectly captures the time, place and essence of the prairies in this era and is a delight for readers of all ages. Written in free verse it is a poetic achievement. It is the story of a girl named Emaline and her struggles after she is crippled when her father accidently runs over her with his tractor. The father takes off and her mother is forced to hire help from the local mental hospital to keep the farm going. The bond between Emaline and the man her mother hires is what makes this novel unique. This novel has won many awards, including the prestigous Governor General's Award in Canada.

Reviewed by: B.H.

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