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Chic Lit

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The Cinderella Rules  by Donna Kauffman

Cinderella Rules takes a modern day woman and makes her over with the help of three “fairy godmothers.” The relationship dispute of the two men for Darby didn’t seem that tense, but the end had a lovely twist where everyone turned out for the better. Reviewed by: Anonymous

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Citizen Girl by E. Mc Laughlin and N. Kraus

Bitter satire with funny moments and a decent ending. But too strident for the most part. Interesting characters but unbelievable situations. Brought out by the same authors who did Nanny Diaries - they try to portray a striggling , idealistic feminist trying to fit into the dominant male/work world with all the sexist expectations. Satire that leaves a bad taste. Reviewed by: L. Sandburg


The Dewey Decimal System of Love ** by Josephine Carr

Perfect for the beach or those moments when you just want something light and fluffy to read. This novel is a romantic comedy and not intended to be taken too seriously. Ally is a youthful looking but middle age nonetheless librarian who has fallen in love with conductor of the Phildadelphia orchestra. He is a married man, but that won't stop her as she is convinced that they are meant to be together. Ally is quite witty and the plot will keep you engaged, even when it seems a bit far-fetched. Not worth buying, but worth borrowing from the library if you need a quick read and enjoy "chick lit". Reviewed by: J.R.

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